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Saving More Than Just Money.

At Extra Spark Electrical we are eshaping the electrical industry

Our Pre Purchase Inspection service is eliminating the shock of unexpected electrical repairs for property buyers.

A professional inspection by a qualified electrician is followed up with a detailed report on the electrical health of the property you are planning to buy. It helps ensure the safety of your family or staff and can save you a lot of money down the track. We will identify and cost all potential hazards so that you can negotiate the purchase price now.


Inspections are a cost saver & a life saver!

In my experience of being a domestic electrician I have come across electrical work that shocks me. As the director of an electrical company who takes pride in our work and is as passionate about your home as ours, I cannot believe the dangerous and scary installations I have come across. - Wade Spink | Director

We have repaired work for clients who:

Have had electrical work done by their ‘mate’ who is an electrician in the mines.

Have been told by a builder not to worry about an electrician, they could disconnect and reconnect the wiring themselves.

Are home owners who believe they are 'handy' enough to take on an electrical installation of their own.

Such reports have informed our clients of:

Costly electrical appliance inclusions that do not work as they should.

Electrical wiring that was so bad the buyer decided against purchase and putting her family’s lives at risk.

Houses that were not earthed properly and could potentially be fatal.

The extent and cost of electrical repairs needed to make the house safe to live in or rent out. Thousands of dollars were negotiated off the purchase price.

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For quality electrical work small and large, Extra Spark Electrical is ready to help with extraordinary service you can depend on.

Post Property Inspection Case Study

During our inspections we find some scary installations that could potentially become fatal.


Incorrect Installation

Throughout this house there was a number of switch mechs installed sideways, this is alarming because rotating the switch mech inside the switch plate is an easy job that any qualified electrician should know. This is a good indication the person conducting the electrical work was unqualified to do so.


Cracked Power Points

We also found power points that looked like this. The crack in the switch is exposing live conductors behind. Scary because this was the garage light switch so if you went through the rain to get to the garage and turned on the light with wet hands you could end up getting an electric shock.


Missing Main Earthing Stake

The same house with the cracked light switches also had no main earth stake and a high resistance to the waterbond meaning if you came in to contact with a live conductor you would become the path of least resistance for the electricity to travel.. potentially causing Death!


Cracks Exposing Live Conductors

This is another common fault. Bathroom light switches with cracks exposing live conductors. This is not acceptable, especially in a room where it is common to have wet hands. What makes this even more dangerous is that houses built before 2001 did not have to have safety switches on the light circuits.


Locations of Smoke Alarms

Although Battery smoke Alarms are permitted by legislation, The installation is not regulated so any one can buy one and screw it up, but did you know a smoke alarm installed near the corner of the wall and ceiling junction will not be effective, as this is the very last place the smoke will reach, meaning the house is already completly full of smoke and flames before your smoke alarm will detect it.

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There was once a time when you didn’t believe it was necessary to get a pre-purchase pest or building inspection done, now you wouldn’t buy a house without one.

Enables you to:

Avoid unexpected costs

Ensure Safety

Negotiate the purchase price

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Client Testimonials

With out doubt the BEST in Newcastle, on the ball, on time and very professional, (and great rates). I have 2 investment properties plus my home, Extra Spark have my 100% confidence in doing a 1st rate job.

Brett Pepper

Very happy with the electrical work that was done for us. Wade was very professional and was spot on with all of his technical abilities.

Eric Rogers

They were fantastic. I have already recommended them to someone else and would gladly recommend them to others.

Karina Vickery

Wade is fresh very genuine and professional. Very happy with timely quote & job.

Katie Gardner

Our down lights were always flickering and fading. Extra Spark discovered power surges were the problem and installed new LED down lights that not only cope with the surges but use a fraction of the energy that the old halogens used. Great result and they left the house spotless.

Kaye Brennan